Avatars represent players in Glowbe. Additional avatars can be created with flash or purchased in the shop with coins. Some games may even award avatars as prizes.

Changing Avatars

When you have multiple avatars you can change the one you are wearing by:

  1. Going to the Stuff Tab and selecting avatars.
  2. Clicking the small happy face next to wear avatar on the avatar you'd like to use.
  3. You should now be wearing your avatar.

You can also change avatars by clicking on your avatar in a room and hovering over change avatar. This should show you your most recent five avatars. View full list will take you to your stuff.

Avatar States or Actions

Some avatars may have different states or actions.To see these, click on the avatar and hover over change state or action. A small list should pop up, and when you select a state or action it should play.

Avatar Movement

You can move your avatar around the room by clicking anywhere where your mouse shows a circle. You may also fly by pressing shift in one of these spots and moving your mouse up and down until you select your desired height.

Name Colours

Screenshot 11

Player names come in three colours:

  • Blue - normal name colour
  • Yellow - player has set away message to show that they are away from the keyboard
  • Grey with Zzz's - player is idle

White names are always pets.

Avatar Size

The size of your avatar can be affected by:

  • Size setting of backdrop
  • Where in the room you are
  • Size set in your stuff tab

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