Where Backdrops is Located.

Glowbe Tab

As Shown In This Image, The Grey Box, Shows Where Stuff Is, Yet It is also Shown at the top of your screen.

Glowbe Stuff List

After Stuff Has Loaded a List like this should appear on the Left.

Glowbe List 2

After It Does you want to go ahead, Click the One Where The Grey Box, you should be able to see your backdrops.

Where To Upload Backdrops.

To Upload a Backdrop, You'd need to go to stuff first, then Backdrops, After that This Should Appear, in The Bottom Right.

Where To Upload Backdrops

As Shown In This Image, This Is where you can create, upload your own Backdrops.

After Pressing Upload, This Should Appear.

Backdrop Upload Part 1

As Shown In the Image, This Is where you Can Name your Backdrop, as Well as Upload the File.

Backdrop Upload Part 2

In This Image This, Is Where you Can Change The Height, Distance, Size Of The Backdrop's Placement.'Such as when you Change the Height, is how far high up in the Backdrop you can go, When you change the Distance, is how Far back you can go that also decreases, The Size Of The Avatar, Furniture, Unless Increased also.

Backdrop Upload Part 3

And In This Image, Is Where you can Make A Description For the Backdrop, as well as upload, or make your own custom image for it.'After that you want to Confirm it, It should appear In your Backdrops.