The icon that is shown instead of the item when it is bleeped.

Bleep allows players to control which avatars they see, and which ones they do not see. You can bleep by right-clicking an item and selecting bleep on the menu.

Only yourself can see what you have bleeped. Some reasons for bleeping include:

  • Reducing lag
  • Getting rid of avatars that block the room
  • Avoiding annoying content that does not break the rules.


You have the option of bleeping everything by using /bl or /bleepall in the chat. You can unbleep everything by using the command again. While using bleepall, you cannot individually unbleep items.

Bleeping items in a room

You can also bleep items by clicking on the room bar and selecting the view items option. From here, you can view info, or simply bleep the item you wish to bleep.

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