The icon that is shown instead of the pet or player's avatar when they are blocked.

The block feature enables you to prevent another player from chatting with you, and also bleeps their avatar and blocks any of their pets. Players are not notified if they are blocked or unblocked.

You can block a player for any reason of your choosing, as blocking is only viewable to you, and it has no effect on the players ability to interact in Glowbe. If they are breaking community standards or the terms of service, please do not hesitate to report them.

To block a player you can:

  • Click on the player in a room
  • Click on the player's name in chat
  • Click on the player's name in the occupants list

Once you click on one of these things you can select the "block player" option. If you'd like to unblock the player, you simply press on them again and press "unblock".

The names of people you have blocked is accessible on the block-list in your Me tab. Those players will remain there until you unblock them.

You are not able to block staff members.

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