Currency refers to the type of money in Glowbe. They are used to purchase items in Glowbe. Items may only be listed in integers.


Coins are earned playing games, earning stamps, and selling items.

If you list an item in the shop you get fifty percent of the price each time someone purchases your item. These credits will be logged to you on the transactions page.


Bars are the currency that are used to purchase official goods from Glowbe. They are used to purchase subscriptions, group themes and more. You can purchase bars from the billing page.

Bars are sold in packages of 100 bars for $10 USD.

Items were previously able to be listed for bars in the shop, but this feature is no longer available.


When someone bought an item of yours for bars, you were awarded Bling, which you could exchange for real money.

This feature is no longer available.

View your transactions

To view your transactions click the transactions link in your shop tab or on your coins in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can see your coin history for the past ten days.

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