Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Glowbe?
    • Glowbe is a user-content virtual world where you can create avatars, play games, and much more. All of the art on Glowbe is created by the users, which means Glowbe can actually be anything you want it to be. Glowbe is a revival of the website Whirled, which closed in April 2017.
  • How do I earn coins?
    • Coins may be earned through playing games, selling avatars, and earning stamps. They may also be purchased through in-game purchases.
  • How do I make avatars?
    • Avatars can be made through Flash CS3+, or uploaded as an image file. For further help on making avatars in Flash, please refer to Basic Avatar Tutorial.
  • Where is the Synced SDK?
  • Will bars/bling be implemented?
    • Bars are being used as a currency that allows you to purchase official Glowbe items and features. It is planned to allow users to convert bars to coins.