Games can be played by clicking on game furniture in a room, or by browsing the games tab and hitting the 'play' button on the page. Games award coins, trophies, and other items when you play them. There are also some passport stamps related to playing games.

Games may also be favourited by pressing the heart tab on the game info page.

Play Games

Click on a game to read more about it and click on the play button to play a quick game. If the game is singleplayer, it will start immediately, but if it is multiple player you will enter a lobby. Click on the blue button to start a game.

Clicking play on Glowbe based games will take you to your room where you can play the game. Once inside, there should be a clickable object that you can use to play the game.

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games require multiple people to play them. Sometimes it may take a few minutes to load

Game Awards

Most games award coins, which can be used to purchase items. You are also able to earn trophies, avatars, pets, and more.

Glowbe Documentation

These documentations contain all the classes, packages, etc. needed to program a Glowbe game.


  • Action/Arcade
  • Adventure/RPG
  • Card/Board
  • MMO/Whirled
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
  • Sports/Racing
  • Word