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Glowbe Online is a revival of the old Whirled site, originally created by Three Rings in 2006. It hopes to resurrect Whirled and restore the community to the way it once was, a safe and enjoyable environment for users to let their imagination run free. You can view the Whirled source code and related licenses on the Grey Havens GitHub.

Welcome to Glowbe! Invite your friends, play games, and most of all, have fun! Glowbe is a virtual world of user-created content. Untie your imagination and set it free in a world of no bounds, where you can create rooms, furniture, and even avatars! In Glowbe, you can be anything you want, from a helpless caterpillar to a mighty dragon, so come join us for an unforgettable experience!


Originally, the Wikia was made for Synced Online and has gone under a new branding. From the previous complications that arose from Synced, another Whirled has been created in order to make life easier for the community and was named "Glowbe Online". Glowbe is also a back up database copy of Synced saved from August. Any past progress players have made during September has been unsaved but information saved from August is still kept. If you have any trouble logging into your accounts from the saved back up and even tried using the "Forgot Password" option, please write up a support ticket with the best possible proof you can in an alternate account OR you may contact a staff in discord. You can find the Administrator contact information here.

Glowbe Online was made possible by a team of fantastic people, including:

The team currently consists of Soviet Jesus and Vox currently co-own the server and manage the website, the support agents who moderate the server, and Cactus, Normal Cat, who are developers.

The support agents are in charge of banning people who break rules, removing stolen art, and making sure Glowbe is a lovely and engaging environment, while the developers maintain and develop the game to help make the site an enjoyable experience.

Miko is the creator of the Wikia. All other contributions to the Wikia is thanks to the help of the community!

For any further questions please refer to the FAQ.

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