What is a Glowbe?

Glowbe is a themed group that allows group managers to control the context allowed in the group.

Visiting Glowbes

Where is all of my stuff?

When you enter a Glowbe item that are not marked will appear faded in your inventory. As soon as you leave you will be able to use everything in your inventory once more.

How can I leave a Glowbe?

You can leave a Glowbe by going to another room that is not part of a Glowbe.

What if I don't have any avatars I can wear?

You will always be able to wear the default and guest avatars in rooms. Sometimes a Glowbe may even be able to offer you an avatar.

Creating Glowbe

How do I make my group a Glowbe?

A manager will have to visit the group's page and select 'purchase Glowbe' to which they will have to pay 150,000 coins in order to give their group a Glowbe.

Who can edit a Glowbe

Any group manager.

What's a hexadecimal colour code?

It is the code for the color you are using and some of the configurations on the Glowbe will be done using these codes. Some websites may let you choose color codes, such as this one.

How do I mark an item?

To mark an item, simply visit the shop listing and select the Glowbe name from the list under tags. Only group managers may mark items.


What is an avatar lineup?

Avatar lineups are lists of free avatars that may be given out when someone visits your Glowbe if they do not already own an avatar they can wear in your Glowbe. To add avatars make sure they are listed by your brand and marked for your Glowbe. You may then visit the shop listing and add the avatar to the avatar lineup. You can later view your avatar lineup from your groups main page.

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What is marking a room for?

Marking a room means that only avatars and items marked for that theme may be used or worn in that room. Shop listings in that room will be restricted.

How do I mark a room to be a part of a Glowbe?

You may view the comments of the room you wish to mark by pressing the room icon in the control bar and selecting comment or rate. You can use the drop-down to mark it for your Glowbe, and any players in the room will be temporarily evicted.

Troubleshooting Glowbe

I can't see my Glowbe?

To see your Glowbe you must visit a room that is marked by the Glowbe. After doing so, you should be able to see your changes.

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