Glowbe is a social gaming website where you can play GamesChat with Friends, explore player created Rooms and make and sell your own creations to other players in the Shop

Online games can create an enormously fun environment. People are, after all, far more fun to interact with than computers! The challenge comes with making these kinds of interactions a positive experience. Our approach has been to design Glowbe so that it encourages our community of players to play and socialize together. Success in Glowbe comes from making friends, playing games and creating items; players are not rewarded for being abusive or otherwise acting out.

Violations of Glowbe's Rules and Terms of Service should be reported immediately. Please take a moment to review the Rules and Terms of Service if you have not done so already.

Glowbe should be considered a PG-13 environment. Like many other websites and online games, Glowbe requires that players be at least thirteen (13) years of age to join. While younger players might enjoy the games included on the website and chatting with our players, we believe it is equally important that each player have the maturity to react responsibly in uncomfortable situations created by other players.