A tag is a keyword that can be assigned to an item listed in the shop or to a group. It describes the item or group and allows it to be found again by searching the tag. Shop tags may be added and removed by all players.



  • Assign accurate tags.
  • Assign tags that will make it easy to look for items.
  • Use accurate spelling.
  • Keep the tag number reasonable.
  • Feel free to remove violating tags.


  • Use misleading or inaccurate tags.
  • Create phrases or sentences.
  • Assign inappropriate words or language.
  • Spam.
  • Remove tags that do not break guidelines.
  • Assign tags that refer to issues with the avatar.


Tags help players find items quickly, so please keep them simple and accurate. Tags should only be used to describe item characteristics, and not opinions.

Good Tags

  • Red
  • Bounce
  • Ball
  • Toy
  • Animated

Bad Tags

  • Blue (the ball is red)
  • Lame (this is an opinion)
  • Ajsksjdkskd (this is a nonsense word)
  • Stolen (encourage others to attribute, or report them.)