Zoltea's Tweaked SDK


Current SDK Version: 0.67
LSA Version: 2
Tweak Version: 0.03
Contains: Config XP, MovieClipBody, ImpatientBody, Team LSA, LSA, NameTextUtil, RightBody, ImpatientRightBody, EmotiveAvi, FollowBrain

Added methods to the SDK

In EntityControl:

showAboutPopup(aboutText:String, backgroundColor:uint = 0x000000, fontColor:uint = 0xFFFFFF, width:Number = 300, height:Number = 300, backgroundAlpha:Number = 1, fontSize:int = 12);
addOutline(displayObject:DisplayObject, outlineColor:uint = 0x000000, outlineAlpha:Number = 1, thickness:Number = 5, strength:Number = 2, outlineQuality:int = 1);

* If you're using addOutline or removeOutline, if it's just a general outline it's addOutline(this) and removeOutline(this)

In AvatarControl:

fly(flyHeight:Number = 0.2); // Credits for this go to whoever made it
unfly(); // Credits for this go to whoever made it

In ActorControl:

noFlip(displayObject:DisplayObject); // credit to the wiki

* If you're using noFlip and it's for the entire avatar, use noFlip(this)

SDK General edits has a public array called _avatarScenes that can be accessed in the fla in order to view your states and actions and whatnot also has a public array _avatarScenes so you can look at your avatar's scenes

NOTE: Any added files do not require additional classpaths being made.

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